Friday, September 18, 2009

NYFW Spring 2010: I'm in love

Because these past two weeks have been filled with tons of schoolwork and various issues and drama I couldn't really keep up with Fashion Week as much as I wanted to, so I was forced to sift through a vast majority of the shows on (where all of my photos came from btw) after all the glitz and glamour was over. I seriously don't see how people make it to soooo many of those shows over the span of one week, it must be exhausting! Anywho, here's some of my favorites.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Fact: I've never really been a huge fan of Marc's work (yes shocking I know) but I really fell in love with this show! His polka dot/floral prints look really well and I liked how he took bright colors and mixed them with muted reds and navy blues.

Betsey Johnson

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I'm a HUGE fan of Betsey Johnson; I wrote a detailed 12 page paper on the brand/business last semester and I own numerous pieces of jewelry from Miss Johnson. I like the location, but truthfully this season didn't do it for me. The bright leopard print looked a little Lanvin-ish to me and the collection didn't seem very cohesive to me. I did like the One Night Stand theme of the show though.

Milly by Michelle Smith
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Milly! They always youtful dresses and eye-catching colors and patterns, and it looks like Michelle decided to keep the theme going. I love this collection because all of the pieces are wearable and well put together. I really love the trench/dress look in the second picture, but I'd kinda want to put the trench with the orange dress at the end for something more eye-popping.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui always has the most amazing prints. ever. I love the military inspired cape and the printed tights in the 4th picture. It seems like all of her shows are colorful with a hippie-western vibe, but nonetheless she still makes amazing clothes.

Diane von Furstenburg

My favorite. Grecian has been done sooooo many times but this collection was a refreshing take on the theme. Her dresses are beautiful and come in all different lengths, colors and styles...but my absolute favorite is the last one I gorgeous!

To all my other fellow Fashion Week followers, what other collections did you enjoy/dislike? And who are you excited to see at London/Milan/Paris?


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Mimilainna said...

that milly collection is fire