Friday, March 16, 2012

The Problem With Plus Sized Fashion

Would YOU wear this?
It's not hard to tell that I love fashion. I majored in fashion merchandising in college so that I could one day work in fashion, I read sites like Business of Fashion and Fashionista to get my fashion news fix, and I shop excessively, looking for pieces that I can add to expanding wardrobe. And to piggyback off of that last statement, my options are making me sick.

I am beyond fed up with the options that women over a size 14 are given. While the plus size fashion industry has come a long way, they still lack in two major areas, trendiness and sex appeal. When shopping in the plus size area of a clothing store, or even in retail store that exclusively sells plus size clothing, you may find some fashion forward and well constructed options, but honestly these pieces are few and far between.
It was great in the beginning...
...but look at this foolery.

I still remember the day I read a post on a news site stating that Forever 21 would soon introduce a plus-size line (formerly known as Faith 21). I was elated, because this meant I would no longer have to attempt to shove my size 16 body into tops and dresses and reluctantly buy them, knowing they don't properly fit but accepting this is the closest I'll get to affordable and fashionable clothes. And the pictures from the lookbook were gorgeous! Pictures of curvaceous young women in flirty sundresses, on-trend blouses and well-fitting jeans(!) had me anxiously awaiting the release date for Faith 21. Fast forward to Forever 21's plus size section today and it's a h.a.m (hot ass mess). Step into your local Forever 21, make your way towards the plus size section(which is usually located towards the back, coincidentally), where you'll find full-figured women rummaging through clothes that look like something your favorite fashion magazine threw up. Those pics were there worst I could find on internet, but if you visit a store you'll see much worse, trust me.

I feel as if the people that designers clothes have never had a curvy friend, and if they did, they must not have paid much attention to them. Regardless of a woman's size, we want to look good. And for the fashion conscious, we want to walk into to a store and leave with bags full of pieces that are going to turn heads and not break the bank. A 240-lb woman can have just as much sex appeal as a 140-lb woman, and until the fashion industry realizes this, plus size women will continue to suffer in polyester blend dresses that are one step up from a mumu. I highly encourage other women who feel the same to write/call/tweet their favorite retailers, and let them know you're a full-figured woman with buying power, and dammit you wanna look good too!



Chic Noir said...

I had to find a present for a plus sized relative, not fun.

I think it would be really cool if there was a designer who made Celine style clothing for women who wear plus sizes.

If the clothes were well made from good fabrics, the designer would do so well.

Ber said...

I agree! Every woman wants well made clothes, regardless of size.