Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: A Year in Outfits

I wore this gold chain from Urban Outfitters outttttt. Lol I don't even know if I can bring that into 2013.

Greetings loves!

Last New Year's Eve, I spent the evening passed out on my parent's couch with some takeout and a bottle of wine. I didn't expect much to come from this year, but as 2012 comes to a close I must say, it was a pretty good year. And as I always strive to do better for myself every year, my sense of style continues to evolve and get better with age! Let's look back on some of my fashion choices from this year...

Valentine's Day! This wasn't a good day, but I looked damn good :-)

Not really sure what was going on here...

Whoooooo this dress here! Backless with leopard print mesh? Yes, please.

I need to wear this dress more often.

I definitely spiced things up with the bottom half of my body this year! Lots of prints and uncommon colors.

Bought my first pair of Jordans this year, which encouraged me to get in touch with my "less girly" side

Halloween. I decided to be Rihanna from the "What's My Name" video! Had a lot of fun with this.

Bought a couple dope pieces from Asos Curve. Worth the extra coinage.

My "Lana Del Ray" leggings from H&M! 

I got this Michael Kors wrap dress for half off! 

More prints.

Michael Kors was very popular this year. When I got offered my new job, I ran out and bough this Hamilton bag (and the chocolate gold watch below)

I bought these shorts 3 years ago, and I just worked up the courage to wear them this past Summer.

Fair Isle

These palazzo pants were my favorite thrift find of the year hands down.

A little DIY project :-)

Wore a ton of black this year.
I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone this year (that backless dress was very trying) and incorporated more trends into my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to all the fashion choices I'm going to make in 2013 (and hopefully with better photography), so stay tuned!


p.s. I didn't feel like posting every outfit of mine here, but you can definitely see more of my outfits on my Instagram (amberellaaa)

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Abby said...

You have a fantastic style, dear. Seems like a fashionable year for you! Btw, enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you can check out my new posts too. Also, if you’d like to follow each other via GFC, just give me a heads up! Keep up your great posts!